09 October 2015

Please wait a few short seconds for the calculator to load.

Welcome to our mortgage sourcing page where you can enter details of your requirements and find out about which deals may be available to you.

The system is provided by a third party and Census Financial Planning is not responsible for the information provided, nor is there any guarantee that any of the mortgage products will be available to you.

There are three areas in which you can enter information to start your search - the "Requirements" tab, "Property and Income" tab, and "Refine" tab. Hover your mouse over the "i" or each of the column headings to find an explanation of each of the information fields. When you are ready to start your search, click the "Source Mortgage" button.

The system will return a listing of mortgage products based on your search criteria. You can order these into a "Best buys" table by clicking on the "Best Buys" button, to show the top ten products by category. Click the "Sourcing" button to return to the main list of products.

If you like one of the products returned by your search, in the "Sourcing" table please click the check box alongside the product and then click the "Contact Us" button. Enter your contact information and we will then contact you and provide you with further advice about your mortgage.

We hope you find the system useful and as mentioned if you have any queries please call us on 028 90 668700.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

For mortgage advice we can charge a fee of typically 0.5% of the loan amount or we can receive commission from the lender.