06 October 2015

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10 Reasons to deal with Census Financial Planning


Many people think financial advice is only required by wealthy individuals.  However, everyone can benefit from it. 

Here we look at 10 reasons to use a financial adviser and in particular Census.

1. To Protect Your Family

There are a lot of people trying to sell you insurance of one type or another, but Census can help you understand which one is worth buying. We can assess your own circumstances and guide you through the various options to protect yourself and your family, no mater if you are married or single, have children or not. Whatever your needs, we can help ensure personal tragedy doesn't turn into financial crisis.

2. To Help Plan Your Spending and Saving

To provide for your long term future, you need to build some assets, initially to get you through day to day emergencies and then for holidays etc later on. We can help plan your spending to allow you to build up your wealth as efficiently as possible.

3. To Help You Plan For Retirement

Once you have sorted out your short-term savings, you can then start to think about the long term. Most of us know that we can no longer rely on the state to look after us in retirement, however planning for retirement is complex as there are many options available. Pensions have changed a lot over the last number of years and now offer a wide range of investment options. We can help you navigate your way the minefield to help construct a portfolio to maximise your long term savings.

4. To Secure Your Home

The mortgage market has obviously been in the headlines for the last couple of years and has gone through a lot of change. However buying a house is still one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make. We could help you save thousands by seeking out the best deals and helping you assess sensible levels of borrowings. We could also have access to special deals and lenders who would otherwise not be available to you.

5. To Help Meet Your Investment Goals

As you gather wealth throughout your life, you may start to consider how you can enhance your position rather than simply consolidate. This could be considering retiring early or paying school fees or investing in holiday homes etc... We can help you assess what is realistically possible and put the best plan in place to help you.

6. To Find The Right Combination of Assets

Investment is not only about the returns you can get but it is also about the potential downsides, as we have seen over recent years with the credit crunch. High returns are often associated with high risk and not everyone is happy if their investment falls 30%. We can make a detailed assessment of your attitude to risk, including your capacity for loss. We will then help to diversify your investment over different asset classes.

7. To Obtain an Objective Assessment

New products come out all the time and we can help you battle through all of the hype and marketing material to determine if it is right for you. Many people have been and will continue to be caught out by glossy brochures proclaiming the next best thing, or by market bubbles or high charges. We will help you make a more informed decision.

8. To Save Money

Having considered your attitude to risk we will next look at your tax position as you may be missing out on using valuable tax breaks. By utilising these opportunities you may be able to save a substantial amount of money.

9. To Keep You On Track

Even if you believe you have all your financial planning in hand, markets or abnormal events (like the credit crunch) can throw your strategy off course. We can provide an ongoing monitoring service to ensure your asset allocation doesn't get distorted and also help your consolidate gains as your goals approach.

10. For Peace Of Mind

Money is a complicated subject and there are many things you need to think about to simple protect it and make the most of it. Markets, as we have seen, can be very volatile and the media always loves to exaggerate both the risks and the rewards. We can help by moving the emphasis of this away from you and into the hands of an expert. Whatever you need, the money you invest in taking advice could be paid back many times over in the long term.


Paul Dixon
Chartered Financial Planner

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