08 October 2015

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Caveat emptor; Investment scams


Some of you may recall a recent BBC exposé on UK land investment scams. This activity, commonly referred to as land banking, is often illegal. In the case in point, many people had been persuaded to pay tens of thousands of pounds for land, which is unlikely ever to be built on.

 The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is apparently investigating about 20 UK land investment companies. The FSA has already closed down five land investment schemes in the past twelve months which had a massive £42m invested by people looking for that ideal land investment opportunity.

This very sad but serious issue highlights the truth behind the adage; caveat emptor...let the buyer beware.  Our advice is to never buy land, or make any serious investment, with a cold caller.  At Census Financial, we’ll help you decide which investment is right for you.  Whether for income, capital growth or both, we will recommend a portfolio of funds suited to your risk profile and provide regular updates, in straightforward language, explaining how your investment is performing and suggesting changes that we would recommend to take into account changing economic conditions.

And remember that no matter what you’re investing in, past performance is never an absolutely reliable indicator of future results.  The value of your investment and the income generated from it may rise and fall and that there is no guarantee you will get back more than you invested.  But at least with Census Financial, you know you’re dealing with people you can trust.


Paul Dixon

Chartered Financial Planner

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