13 October 2015

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Money for nothing (and your clicks for free)


Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it is.  But in the case of Quidco, the cashback site, consumers are being offered new apps for their iPhones and iPads that could earn money for nothing, as well as big savings on goods and services.

Cashback companies operate by listing shops and services that pay commission when shoppers click through to them. This is credited back to customers as a cash rebate.

Here are some of the ways you can get top deals using add-ons to you iPhone or iPad:

Quidco: its app lists all the money-saving offers in your area, such as two-for-one meal deals, and shops that give money back on anything you buy. It also rewards users for simply walking into around 12,000 shops, gyms, travel agents and restaurants across Britain – without even having to buy anything!

Onavo: this app claims to be able to save iPad and iPhone users up to 80% on their data bills.  It worls by shrinking the data you use in sending and receiving emails, downloading apps, browsing the web, looking at maps, etc.  It’s particularly useful for travellers who can run up huge bills downloading data abroad. The app is free at present but will be charged for soon.

Nectar: this is already the UK’s largest loyalty programme.  The free app from Nectar allows you to collect exclusive bonus points from certain retailers as well as online.

Mobisso: this American website has launched a service that operates via the Facebook app on your iPad or iPhone.  Once installed, it shows flight deals in your Facebook news feed, making it easier to book when flights are cheaper.

Paul Nevin

Business Development

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