14 October 2015

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The case for using an IFA


We wish that more people used the services of an IFA, because we are convinced that the people who do are not just wealthier, but in the process, are better able to cope with many of the challenges that life can throw at them.  The big strength of independent financial advice is that it allows you to consider all your financial needs in a holistic way.  

.  Arguably, one of the biggest priorities is your retirement planning.  There is a host of ways in which you can save in a pension and in other savings vehicles, and of course, different people have different ambitions. An IFA can help you tailor a solution to your needs and help you determine what you need to save and invest to make sure your retirement is a comfortable one.


An IFA can also help you understand the process better.  Your working years are when you save and invest.  When you retire, you turn those investments into an income, but increasingly, there is no sharp cut off point and the transition between your working life and your retirement is a gradual one.  But, it is not just your retirement planning which an IFA can help you with.  We can also help make sure you have insured yourself against ill health or other risks to your income.  You might even do the same with regard to your business protection.


You may wish to make use of other savings vehicles. Isas are a very useful and simple means of doing so, and now the Government has introduced the junior Isa so you can invest for your children as well.


If one of your big concerns is protecting your financial legacy for your loved ones, we can also help minimise the impact of Inheritance tax and there are a number of strategies to consider.


In essence, an adviser can work with you to help you understand your own personal circumstances, better consider your attitudes to risk, identify your goals, and plan ahead to achieve them.


He or she can also help you adapt those plans when circumstances change or when you need money for something unexpected.  By using an IFA, we think you can stop worrying about the financial aspects of your life and get on with the rest of it.  For more information on how our holistic financial review process could help you achieve your objectives, please contact Census on 028 9066 8700.


Paul Dixon
Chartered Financial Planner




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