13 October 2015

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If a tile fell from your house and injured someone who then claimed thousands of pounds for their lost earnings or if your house burnt down and you were faced with rebuilding costs, how would you pay for it?


How much insurance do I need?


Many people have no insurance while others who do have insurance are often chronically under-insured. In January 2011, the Direct Line website claimed that on average, 26% of people with contents cover are underinsured by a staggering £20,000. In addition, 20% of people have no insurance for home contents. Could you realistically afford to replace your belongings if you lost them in a fire or to a thief? Not taking out the right insurance cover is a false saving.

There are lots of questions to ask yourself, such as what to insure, what will be covered, how much will the policy pay out, what are risky items and all the fine print that goes with it?  

Here at Census Financial Planning our highly experienced team will walk you through the different problems and fine print associated with choosing the correct insurance be it for buildings & contents, accident sickness & unemployment (ASU), or landlords & tenants insurance.

Get in touch with us today, so our team of knowledgeable advisers can help you find the right policy, giving you peace of mind in your busy life.

For Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance and Buildings and Contents Insurance we usually offer products from a limited panel of providers. For all other General Insurance we act as introducers only.