13 October 2015

financial advisor has access to the whole of the savings and investments marketInvestments & Savings

With so many options for savings and investments available - savings plans, savings accounts, high interest accounts, ISA’s, short term investments, capital growth investments and income investments - it’s hard to know what’s best.


Bank and Building Society accounts

Many people leave their money in a bank or building society unaware of savings or investment rates or the effects of tax on the interest and the erosion of value by inflation. Deposit accounts are great for the short to medium term but to secure value or growth in value, you should consider alternative forms of investment.

Having access to the whole of the savings and investments market place, your financial adviser is here to help you get the most for your money.

How hard is my money working for me?  

Whether you have a lump sum to invest, wish to save monthly or already have investments in place, it is vitally important to review their performance. Often Banks and other financial institutions change the interest rate payable after enticing you with an attractive rate in year 1.

Should I invest in an ISA, Bond, Unit Trust etc.?

With such a wide choice of investments and a huge range of funds within each to pick from, you will need professional guidance.

Should I pay off part of my mortgage?

With such low interest rates at present your money may work better for you by investing.


The right investments for you

At Census Financial Planning, we will help you decide which investment is right for you.  Whether for income, capital growth or both, we will recommend a portfolio of funds suited to your risk profile and provide regular updates, in layman’s terms, regarding performance and any changes that we would recommend to take into account changing economic conditions. For example, our Balanced Portfolio has delivered an average of 9.90%* return per annum over a 6 year period including during the recession.

Don't leave it too late, call us now to discuss your investment and saving options.


* This is based upon an investment of £64,831 on 15th October 2004 growing to £118,099 by 15th October 2011

 Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
The value of your investment and the income generated from it may rise and fall and that there is no guarantee you will get back more than you invested.