06 October 2015

a long term care insurance plan is the most sensible and cost effective wayLong Term Care

The need for long term care / elderly care and how it should be paid for is arguably one of the greatest causes for concern among our growing elderly population. Approximately 840,000 people are currently in Long Term Care and as life expectancy increases, the number of people that will need to make use of formal long-term care services will increase by 1.1 million by 2025.*

* The LV 'The Future of Long Term Care' report, May 2012.   

Financial impact of Elderly Care


Statistics show that from the age of 60, one in three women and one in four men will require some form of long term care. In the UK, should you need elderly care in a residential home or nursing home, your local authority will assess your financial means to determine what proportion of the cost is your responsibility. Often there is a big shortfall between residential home or nursing home fees and what the state will pay.

Why would I need a Long Term Care Insurance Plan?

Many thousands of people have concluded that a long term care insurance plan is the most sensible and cost effective way for them to fund long term care, if it is needed. A long term care insurance plan could partially or fully provide for your nursing home or residential home costs, protect your assets and income and provide you with the security you seek in later life.

With people living longer many of us could look forward to 20, or even 30 years or more of retirement.

But the chances of being perfectly healthy and able throughout that time are, unfortunately, not so good.

Here at Census, we can look at all your long term care options and help to ensure that although your or your loved one's health may be a concern, the financing of it will not. Call us today to arrange your appointment.