13 October 2015

PMI.jpgPrivate Medical Insurance

Did you know that ‘Peace of Mind’ health insurance plans for individuals and health insurance plans for your family could be provided for as little as £1 per week?  Most PMI policies are menu driven so benefits can be structured to make the premium suit your budget but still provide an adequate level of PMI cover. 

What can a PMI Specialist Adviser provide for me?

A PMI Specialist Adviser provides private health and medical insurance advice to the individual, business and corporate sectors.  During an initial free health care consultation (typically, this consultation takes 20-30 minutes) a PMI Specialist Adviser will discuss and analyse your health care requirements and produce a bespoke, comprehensive private medical insurance solution specifically suited to needs on an individual or corporate basis.

PMI Specialist Advisers are not constrained by ties or commitments to any of their private medical insurance (PMI) partners (PMI partners are all ‘major players’ within the health care insurance industry) and this enables them to provide a private medical insurance solution that is reputable and reliable, competitively priced and suited to individual requirements.

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