08 October 2015

maximising your retirement incomeRetirement Planning

If you already have a pension ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I know how much my pension will provide for me at retirement and how does this compare to what I need? 

  • Do I know how my pension is invested and how the fund has performed over the last few years? 

  • When was the last time my adviser reviewed my pension fund?

Even if you do not have a pension at present, these are questions you should be keeping in mind for whenever you start retirement planning.

What can Census do for me?

Many people have become disillusioned with pensions over the years with negative press coverage.  At Census Financial Planning we provide a regular review of your pension funds, in layman’s terms, and keep you posted on its performance as well as any recommended changes, taking into account changing economic conditions.

For example, our Balanced Portfolio has delivered an average of 7.5%* return per annum over a 7 year period including during the recession.

* This is based upon an investment of £73,994.72 on 28th September 2005 growing to £122,670.14 by 28th September 2012

Do I have to have a pension scheme?


Retirement planning does not have to be solely through a pension scheme, it can include all sorts of investments and annuities, but the tax benefits that apply make it worthwhile for pension schemes to be included in your retirement planning. Pension schemes are often available through your company, or by taking out a personal pension or both.

Financial Planning is about balancing your needs of today with your needs of tomorrow. In planning for your retirement your financial adviser will help you determine the best investment options for your required retirement income and calculate the optimum contributions you can make. Having access to the whole of the investment market place for pension investments and annuities, your financial adviser is here to help you get the most from the time of your life when you should be able to relax and enjoy yourself.


 Talk to us today to see how we can help maximise your retirement income. Why not make this the next thing you do?