04 August 2015

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How do mothers cope with the euro crisis


In many homes, despite how we try to spin things, we all know that it’s the women who are really in control of the finances.

So how are mothers across Europe handling the financial crisis? This article from the BBC takes examples of women from a range of backgrounds and summarises their story.

Some are on state pensions and haven’t received a cent in months, others face an unaffordable rise to the cost of living and inflation but some are worse off than others.

They are also making cutbacks which many would deem impossible for a woman, not just cutting back on shopping, but one woman stating she hasn’t bought clothes or shoes in over a year.

All in all, as difficult as things have become at times, these women seem to be holding things together and keeping a brave face until the politicians sort out this mess.

But it makes me wonder if the politicians should be taking a leaf from these ladies books as they seem to be coping fairly well in these tough circumstances.


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