13 October 2015

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ILO warns of youth unemployment 'crisis'


We hear the figures every time they’re released, everyone makes a big fuss about them but what does it mean for us if youth unemployment continues on this path for much longer?

But the longer this goes on the more detrimental it is to our economy in the future, and not just because these people are not earning, not paying taxes and getting paid benefits by the government in order to put food on the table, but there is something much more sinister.

The educated graduates that bring new ideas, new outlooks and help with progressing industry are joining everyone else on the unemployment line and their hopes and dreams are slowly but surely disappearing as more and more companies can’t afford to take on new staff.

Some graduates consider freelancing or starting their own companies to ensure that they don’t develop ‘bad habits’ from living off benefits and to keep their sites set on higher aspirations. But what should the government be doing to help young people escape the trap of being stuck on benefits?

Read the article from the BBC here.


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