04 October 2015

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Mortgage rewards are a good move


Mortgage deals are not always smoke and mirrors, some of them do have genuine good deals!

It is important to review your mortgage regularly and not get too comfortable on the standard variable rate. This rate is subject to change, as you can expect from something called the ‘variable rate’ and it can be due to a number of factors, so it can be difficult to foresee any changes to this rate, meaning you cannot necessarily guarantee your outgoings for your mortgage for the near future.

What we prefer to do is to research the best deals on offer to you, such as discounted, fixed, tracker etc, and compare these to the standard variable rate.

Unless you are in quite a bit of negative equity, getting a deal can be much better for you and allows you to plan ahead.

Remember, these deals don’t always have to be from your current lender, but be careful! There are many hidden fees and penalty charges, so be sure to get tailored mortgage advice from a professional before making any major decisions.

Read the full article from the independent here.


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