06 October 2015

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Taking a mobile and a wallet to the shops


So these days your phone doubles up as your ipod, calculator, tv, tv remote, newspaper, book, web browser, video player, video camera, stills camera etc, but now it could also be your wallet?


“The Barclays PingIt app is now open to all UK bank and building society accounts, for example, and the Orange Quick Tap app will be available on new Android handsets in the coming weeks, but it is O2 taking all the headlines with the launch of its all-encompassing O2 Wallet this week.

The online platform offers users, whether an O2 customer or not, a new way to send and receive money, compare prices and shop – all on the humble mobile phone. O2 Wallet boasts some impressive features including Money Message, which lets you securely transfer money (between £1 and £500) to any UK mobile phone number. If you're out and about shopping, the barcode and search engine function will compare prices for branded goods from more than 100 online retailers to ensure that you don't pay over the odds. There are even daily discounts from retailers under the My Offers icon.”


For the full article from the independent, click here.


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