09 October 2015

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The 10 best personal finance apps


The Independent has released an article naming the 10 apps they think you need to help with your personal finance.

These are clever little applications that help you meet savings goals, pay bills, calculating expenses and plan ahead.

The team here at Census Financial Planning have compiled our own list of 5 top free apps (in no particular order).

  1. Ben Pal – this beautiful looking application helps you calculate if you are saving enough for your retirement. And if you are not, you can calculate how much you should be saving so you can arrange a meeting with us to make the necessary adjustments.
  2. Akandia uk – this app is useful if you are thinking about investing in stocks, shares, pensions etc. A major part of this kind of investment is your risk profile, the higher the risk, the more likely you are to get a higher return and the less risk, the less your return may be. This app asks you a few questions and allows you to see what sort of risk profile you would fit into so you can assess if you are taking advantage of the correct investments.
  3. Piggie – a great app to help you see what you are spending, you can plan ahead and see how much money you are spending on eating out that would be better spent in savings.
  4. Your personal banks app – having access to your account at all times is always a good thing! Knowing what is in the bank to insure you don’t go overdrawn, knowing when payments have cleared etc are always great, and having a breakdown of your last few transactions is always good to insure there are no unauthorised transactions and that the direct debit you cancelled actually cancelled!


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