04 October 2015

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The record number of women in the Rich List is not a feminist triumph


A record number of women are on the Sunday Times Rich list, three more than last year. That glass ceiling is showing some cracks, however not all of the ladies have got there through business deals.


“The chances are you won't have heard of Britain's richest woman: Kirsty Bertarelli is worth £7.4bn – money that came from her husband's family's pharmaceutical company, and now comes from property investments. The next woman on the latest Sunday Times Rich List is Charlene de Carvalho, whose £5.49bn comes from her father's Heineken brewing fortune. After that is Kirsten Rausing, who owes her £3.9bn to her father's Tetra Pak business; Tina Green's £3.3bn comes from her husband Philip Green's Arcadia empire.

You see the trend here? You have to get to number eight in the list – Dame Mary Perkins, founder of Specsavers – before you find a woman who didn't amass her fortune through marriage or inheritance. But she only comes 84 in the overall list (and she shares her £870m fortune with her co-founder husband).”


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