09 October 2015

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The savvy way to get the best deal


Moving house is expensive business, before you even get anywhere, there is estate agent fees, countless trips to B&Q to do those odd jobs you never got around to, and once someone actually agrees to buy your house, the banks, solicitors etc all want in on the action too!

These times are tough for both people selling their home and business, here are some tips from the Express:

“However, agents are just as keen for business as you are to sell so check the figures and terms before signing up and don’t be afraid of haggling.

It is also important to get your finances in order so that you’re ready to move quickly if and when you accept an offer.

Speak to a mortgage broker and make sure what you have in mind to borrow tallies with your finances. Some buyers are struggling to obtain mortgage finance and only hear about potential problems near to completion.

So nip any problems in the bud and get into a position where you have the finance for your next home secured.”


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